Encouraging More Adults to Swim
USMS Oral History

Reflections from Stan Werbin Apr 21, 2002

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Gail Werbin was originally from Kansas City, went to school in Ann Arbor, MI, and then went to California around 1968. She worked there as a film editor. As a sidebar, her Dad (Harry) was a competitive long distance runner in the '20's and '30's, and went to college on a sports scholarship even though he hadn't graduated high school!

from Stan Werbin (swerbin@elderly.com)

Nancy Ridout swam with Gail at the University of Michigan and added this comment. The Ann Arbor Swim Club was a club team for "girls". Many of the members were U of M students, the others were local high school swimmers; there were also age groupers and novices. Our coach was Rosemary Mann Dawson, the daughter of the famous U of Michigan coach Matt Mann. Her husband and our manager was Buck Dawson, the first Director of the International Swimming Hall of Fame. I'm happy to know I even remembered she was a breastroker!

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