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USMS Top Ten Relays

2008 USMS Top Ten LCM Relays for Southern LMSC

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Women 120-159 LCM (2008)

 Place  Event  Club  LMSC  Swimmers (age)  Time 
 7  200 Free Relay  SMS  Southern  Mary M Helm (42)
 Mariela I Saucier (48)
 Julie A Gurzi (39)
 Rebecca L King (28) 
 10  200 Medley Relay  SMS  Southern  Mariela I Saucier (48)
 Julie A Gurzi (39)
 Rebecca L King (28)
 Mary M Helm (42) 

Women 240-279 LCM (2008)

 Place  Event  Club  LMSC  Swimmers (age)  Time 
 7  200 Medley Relay  SMS  Southern  Patricia F Arnold (69)
 Vicki Buccino (62)
 Cecile Many (54)
 Ellen H Hall (57) 
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