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USMS Top Ten Relays

2007 USMS Top Ten SCM Relays for Lake Erie LMSC

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Men 240-279 SCM (2007)

 Place  Event  Club  LMSC  Swimmers (age)  Time 
 5  400 Free Relay  O*H*  Lake Erie  Steve F Hamilton (72)
 Bruce C Allen (60)
 Tom E Spence (63)
 Kevin T McCardle (52) 

Women 200-239 SCM (2007)

 Place  Event  Club  LMSC  Swimmers (age)  Time 
 1  400 Medley Relay  O*H*  Lake Erie  Ann H Guins (54)
 Joan E Inderhees (51)
 Judy H Norton (50)
 Diane F Rothenberg (54) 

Women 240-279 SCM (2007)

 Place  Event  Club  LMSC  Swimmers (age)  Time 
 1  200 Medley Relay  O*H*  Lake Erie  Ann Guins (54)
 Lilly G Kron (76)
 Melinda J Smith (55)
 Nancy Waite (73) 
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