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USMS Individual Meet Results for Chris Yontez (6 swims)

Below are all recorded individual results attributed to Chris Yontez.

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Short Course Yards Results [ SCM | LCM ]

 SCY Results for 35-39  Age Group
 Name  Date (MeetID)  Age  Club  Event  Heat/ 
 Time  Place 
 Chris Yontez   2003-05-15 (scnats03  38   SCAQ   200 Free   H35 / L1   1:52.57   21 
 Chris Yontez   2003-05-15 (scnats03  38   SCAQ   500 Free   H26 / L7   4:57.78   8 
 Chris Yontez   2003-05-15 (scnats03  38   SCAQ   1650 Free   H21 / L3   17:07.90   6 

Long Course Meters Results [ SCY | SCM ]

 LCM Results for 50-54  Age Group
 Name  Date (MeetID)  Age  Club  Event  Heat/ 
 Time  Place 
 Chris Yontez   2016-06-19 (20160619UCLALCL  52   SCAQ   800 Free   H6 / L3   9:52.81 *  1 

Short Course Meters Results [ SCY | LCM ]

 SCM Results for 50-54  Age Group
 Name  Date (MeetID)  Age  Club  Event  Heat/ 
 Time  Place 
 Chris Yontez   2017-10-08 (20171008UCLASMS  53   SCAQ   200 Free   H4 / L3   2:15.84   1 
 Chris Yontez   2017-10-08 (20171008UCLASMS  53   SCAQ   800 Free   H4 / L2   9:44.11   1 

Times shown in red are from an event that was either held in a pool with a moveable bulkhead and the pool length must be certified in order to have results count towards top ten listings or event rankings OR it was held in a pool that did not meet the pool measurement standards or not all sanction/recognition standards were followed. Results from the event will not count towards the top ten list or event rankings.

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