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Database Statistics

All Meets2016 Meets2015 Meets
Meets with results4,416201510
Total meet participants445,65420,32241,127
Unique USMS member participants72,33111,65816,899
Splashes (swims in meets)1,940,12290,623174,482
Splits recorded5,289,107284,508491,987

Latest Meets Added to Database

Date AddedLMSCCourseMeet DateMeet
May 25FLLCMMay 22, 2016Marlin Masters Summer Splash
May 25MTLCMMay 20-22, 2016Bozeman May Classic
May 25AZLCMMay 19-22, 2016Southwest Classic Senior Invitational
May 24NBSCYMay 22, 2016Omaha Masters Spring Swim Meet
May 24OHLCMMay 21-22, 2016May Masters Mania Meet
May 24MTLCMJun 25-28, 201534th Annual Firecracker Classic
May 23PCSCYMay 22, 20162016 Bay Area Senior Games Swimming
May 23SISCYMay 15, 20162016 San Diego Swim Masters Head 2 Head SCY Relay Meet
May 21SRLCMMay 13-15, 2016Spring Fling Invitational
May 19ORLCMMay 14, 2016COMA LCM meet
May 19ADSCYApr 17, 2016Spring Off the Blocks
May 18NESCYMay 14, 2016The Dan Horton Invitational Masters Meet
May 17IASCYMay 14, 2016Eastern Iowa Senior Challenge
May 17SPSCYApr 16-17, 20162016 SPMS and Southwest Zone Short Course Yards Championship
May 16STSCYApr 16, 2016Texas Senior Games
May 15IASCMApr 23, 2016SWIA Spring Meet 2016
May 12NILCMMay 7, 2016FAST - Super Circuit #1
May 12NISCYMay 6, 2016FAST - Friday Night at the Races #1
May 12NESCYApr 30, 2016Ellsworth Black Fly Masters Swim Meet
May 12NESCYApr 24, 20162nd Annual Northfield Area Masters Mid- Spring Swim Meet 2016

Recent Meets With Missing Results

Meet DateLMSCCourseMeet
May 20-23, 2016SCMCanadian Masters Swimming Championships
May 21-22, 2016IWLCM2016 IE LCN Fazzari's Pizza Combined Meet
May 21, 2016MRSCYAquapalooza III
May 21, 2016FGSCYCoral Springs SCY Last Chance Meet
May 19-20, 2016VASCYVA Senior (50+) Games Swim Meet
May 15, 2016CTSCYConnecticut Masters' Games Swim Meet
Apr 29-30, 2016SRSCY2016 IM Xtreme Challenge
Apr 24, 2016GASCYWest Gwinnett Park SCY Developmental Meet
Apr 23, 2016PVSCYUMAC Intersquad Meet
Apr 17, 2016MRSCYLaps for Life A SCY Swim Meet Benefiting the AFSP
Apr 16, 2016SRSCY2016 Spring Fever Pentathlon
Apr 9, 2016SESCYDUPLICATE: 3rd Annual Chattanooga Rats Invitational
Apr 3, 2016MRSCYNYC Parks Masters Yard Swim Meet & Commissioner's Trophy Relay
Apr 1-3, 2016GASCYEast Coast Collegiate National Swim Meet - Club Swim and Dive
Apr 1-3, 2016AKSCYSpring SE Championships
Mar 20, 2016AMSCY2016 MLAC Masters SCY Spring Swim Meet
Mar 18-20, 2016NDSCY2016 ND Short Course Championships
Mar 6, 2016AKSCYTime Trial #4
Mar 5, 2016OHSCYArnold Sports Festival 2016 Swimming Championships
Feb 26-28, 2016NDSCY2016 Wahoo Mile Meet
Feb 27, 2016HILCMMaui Winter LCM Swim Meet
Feb 20, 2016IWSCY2nd Annual Survival to Success Meet Clinic & Mini-meet
Feb 20, 2016NESCYMetrowest YMCA Sponsors 25th Annual Valentines Love to Swim Classic
Jan 31, 2016SISCY2016 San Diego Swim Masters Head 2 Head SCY Relay Meet
Jan 23-24, 2016MTSCYFlathead Valley Team Cup (NO USMS MEMBERS SWAM)
Jan 23, 2016SOSCYCANCELED: YMCA Hub Fins 2016 Winter Masters Meet
Jan 15-17, 2016NDSCYCategory 5
Jan 9, 2016INSCY2nd Annual Munster Masters 100 x 100 challenge
Dec 11-13, 2015AZSCYSpeedo Invite
Nov 21, 2015IASCYCANCELED: C.R. Washington Masters Swim Meet
Nov 15, 2015AZSCYPSC Masters 2015 SCY Pentathlon #2
Oct 23-25, 2015MTSCYSpooky Splash BAC Fall Invitational (NO USMS MEMBERS SWAM)
Oct 24, 2015FLSCY2015 Tampa Swimming Masters Classic
Oct 24, 2015IWSCY2nd Annual Survival to Success Meet Clinic & Mini-meet
Oct 18, 2015NISCYBengal Halloween Masters Swim
Oct 17-18, 2015MTSCYFall Frenzy (NO USMS MEMBERS SWAM)
Oct 9-11, 2015INSCYFall Fling
Oct 10, 2015MNSCYMinnesota Masters Relay Meet and Awards Dinner
Sep 26-27, 2015GUSCYFCST Red White & Blue Challenge
Sep 25-27, 2015NMSCY2015 LCAT Pecan Classic
Sep 26, 2015GASCY2015 Georgia Masters Southside Seals Pentathlon Meet
Sep 19, 2015FLSCYCANCELED: 2015 Central Florida Marlin Masters Fall Splash
Jun 21, 2015AZSCY1st Annual Paul Cate Invitational
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