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DatesCourseLMSC2016 Meets
Jul 24, 2016LCMSISan Diego - Imperial Masters Swimming 2016 Long Course Championships
Jul 24, 2016SCYPNSouth Puget Sound Washington State Senior Games---swimming
Jul 22-24, 2016LCMPC2016 Pacfic Masters Long Course Championships
Jul 22-24, 2016LCMGA2016 GA Swimming LC Senior State Championships
Jul 22-23, 2016LCMGA2016 Mackenzie Open
Jul 21-24, 2016LCMVAVirginia Senior LC Championships (USA-S)
Jul 17, 2016LCMNESummer Meet at Jenny Thompson LCM Pool
Jul 16, 2016LCMOZEd and Ruth Shea Challenge Classic
Jul 16, 2016LCMCO2016 Denver Masters LCM Invitational
Jul 14-17, 2016LCMCT2016 Women's and Men's Long Course CONNECTICUT SENIOR CHAMPIONSHIP
Jul 14-17, 2016LCMNT2016 NT MAC Level 2 Championships
Jul 10, 2016LCMILFifth Penguins River Trails 1500
Jul 10, 2016LCMCT16th Annual Wilton Wahoo Masters Summer Sizzler Meet
Jul 10, 2016LCMMIEastern Michigan University Warmest LCM Swim Meet
Jul 10, 2016LCMKYKentucky Masters Long Course Mini Meet
Jul 9-10, 2016LCMFLSt. Pete Masters Long Course Swimming Championships
Jul 9-10, 2016LCMSRTreasure Valley Last Chance LCM Invitational
Jul 9, 2016LCMGUPRELIMINARY-WMST Oregon or Bust Meet
Jul 9, 2016LCMMNMinnesota Masters Long Course (LCM) State Meet
Jul 9, 2016LCMSPReg Richardson Memorial LCM Meet
Jul 8-10, 2016LCMPVUMAC Masters Terrapin Cup
Jul 8-10, 2016LCMVA2016 WV LSC Long Course Swimming Championship (USA-S)
Jul 8-10, 2016LCMGA2016 Hurricane Open
Jul 7-10, 2016LCMST2016 Speedo Southern Zone Long Course Sectional Championships & Time Trials
Jul 7-9, 2016LCMPN97th Annual Senior Seattle Open
Jul 1-3, 2016LCMSPSLO Firecracker Swim Meet
Jun 30 - Jul 1, 2016LCMLong Course Israeli Summer Championships
Jun 26 - Jul 3, 2016LCMMI2016 U.S. Olympic Trials
Jun 26, 2016LCMGUSummer Sizzler 2016
Jun 26, 2016LCMPCQSS Masters Celebrate America LCM Meet
Jun 26, 2016LCMPVDCRP US Masters Team Long Course Swim Meet
Jun 25-26, 2016LCMFG11th Annual June Krauser Summer Splash
Jun 25-26, 2016LCMLEO*H*I*O Masters 2016 LCM Swim Meet - CSU
Jun 25-26, 2016LCMCTCT 2016 GRYM LC Invitational
Jun 25, 2016SCMNE2016 Sunsational Summer Sizzler Swim
Jun 25, 2016LCMOH2016 Miami Redfin Long Course Meet
Jun 25, 2016LCMNTTexas Ford Aquatics Masters Challenge
Jun 19, 2016SCYAZ2nd Annual Paul Cate Invitational
Jun 19, 2016LCMSPUCLA Bruin Masters LCM Swim Meet
Jun 18-19, 2016LCMSOCrawfish Aquatics LCM Championship
Jun 18, 2016LCMMI2016 John Munley Memorial Masters Swim Meet
Jun 18, 2016LCMVAVirginia Commonwealth Games - Adult Long Course Swim Meet
Jun 18, 2016LCMWI2016 Wisconsin State LCM Champs at Schroeder
Jun 17-19, 2016LCMSC2016 SC LCM Championships ~ Shut Up & Swim Roy Dessloch Invitational
Jun 17-19, 2016LCMPC2016 Howard Jones Memorial Senior Meet
Jun 16-19, 2016LCMMT35th Annual Firecracker Classic
Jun 16-19, 2016LCMPVUMD Black & Red Long Course Invitational (USA- Masters Only)
Jun 12, 2016SCYIA2016 Iowa Senior Games
Jun 12, 2016SCYWI2016 Badger State Summer Games Masters Swim Meet
Jun 12, 2016LCMIN4th Annual Munster Masters Summer Splash
Jun 12, 2016LCMDV2016 Upper Main Line YMCA Long Course Masters Meet
Jun 11-12, 2016LCMFL2016 Bumpy Jones Classic
Jun 11-12, 2016SCYCORocky Mountain Senior Games Swim Meet
Jun 11-12, 2016LCMNDBill Siders Invitational
Jun 11-12, 2016LCMGA2016 Swim With Dad
Jun 11-12, 2016LCMNJ2016 Summer Solstice
Jun 11, 2016LCMSTASC Masters Summer Kickoff
Jun 11, 2016SCYOROregon Senior Games
Jun 11, 2016LCMMVMake a Ripple 3
Jun 11, 2016LCMSPLas Vegas Masters Long Course Meters Swim Meet
Jun 10-12, 2016LCMCTCT Woodbridge Aquatic Club Invitational
Jun 9-11, 2016LCMUTUtah Summer Games
Jun 9-11, 2016LCMGU2016 Texas Senior Circuit Meet #2
Jun 5, 2016LCMSP2016 California Senior Games Championships
Jun 5, 2016LCMSICarlsbad Swim Masters - 2016 Long Course Meters Meet
Jun 5, 2016SCYSPCalifornia Senior Games - Pasadena (SCY)
Jun 4-5, 2016LCMSE2016 NAC Masters LC Spring Chicken Classic
Jun 4-5, 2016LCMFGManatees Long Course Invite 2016
Jun 4, 2016LCMGA2016 Woller ABSC Long Course Meet
Jun 3-6, 2016LCMPC2016 Arena Pro Swim Series Santa Clara
Jun 3-5, 2016LCMORLong Course Meters A/B/C and Masters
May 29, 2016LCMSPMission Viejo Nadadores Long Course Meet
May 28-29, 2016SCYOZSt. Louis Senior Olympics
May 28-29, 2016LCMGA2016 Betsy Dunbar Invite
May 27-29, 2016LCMSP2016 Novaquatics Speedo Grand Challenge
May 27-29, 2016LCMARNWAA Memorial Classic 2016
May 27-29, 2016LCMGUNeville Alexander Memorial Meet
May 22, 2016LCMFLMarlin Masters Summer Splash
May 22, 2016SCYNBOmaha Masters Spring Swim Meet
May 22, 2016SCYPC2016 Bay Area Senior Games Swimming
May 21-22, 2016LCMOHMay Masters Mania Meet
May 21, 2016SCYMRAquapalooza III
May 21, 2016SCYFGCoral Springs SCY Last Chance Meet
May 20-23, 2016SCMCanadian Masters Swimming Championships
May 20-22, 2016LCMMTBozeman May Classic
May 19-22, 2016LCMAZSouthwest Classic Senior Invitational
May 15, 2016SCYCTConnecticut Masters' Games Swim Meet
May 15, 2016SCYSI2016 San Diego Swim Masters Head 2 Head SCY Relay Meet
May 14, 2016SCYIAEastern Iowa Senior Challenge
May 14, 2016LCMORCOMA LCM meet
May 14, 2016SCYNEThe Dan Horton Invitational Masters Meet
May 14, 2016LCMNTCOM LC Open
May 13-15, 2016LCMSRSpring Fling Invitational
May 13-15, 2016LCMCT2016 Senior Spring Long Course Invitational
May 7-8, 2016SCYIN2016 GRIN Short Course State Championships
May 7, 2016SCYNE2nd Annual EDGE Masters Spring Fling
May 7, 2016LCMNIFAST - Super Circuit #1
May 6-8, 2016LCMARSpring Splash Invitational
May 6, 2016SCYNIFAST - Friday Night at the Races #1

Showing meets # - 99 of 4,520
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