Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Mike Kazek Receives 2013 Kerry O’Brien Coaching Award

Generous coach grows program

Stuart Kahn , Head Coach, Davis Aquatic Masters | Vice Chair, Coaches Committee | May 8, 2014

Mike Kazek has shared his compassionate spirit for the sport of swimming with the California Maritime Academy Masters Since 2006. His volunteering for time and expertise as coach—even calling on his own financial resources to meet the immediate needs to the program—have impacted many lives. Mike is seen by many as coach and teacher, motivator and cheerleader, advisor and lobbyist, mentor and dear friend. By example, Mike has shown that one does not need a big pool, big team, or big paycheck to be considered one of the great success stories in Pacific Masters Swimming.

Presented by Stu Kahn

USMS Wave Seperator

About the Author—Stuart Kahn

Stuart Kahn is head coach of the Davis Aquatic Masters, the largest masters club in America. Over the past 35 years, Stu has coached high school, junior college, college, USA Swimming and now Masters swimming. He is Vice-Chair of the USMS Coaches Committee, a 2011 and 2012 coach at the High Performance Camp, and the 2012 recipient of both the Pacific Masters and USMS Coach of the Year Awards. He was also a presenter at the 2012 ASCA World Clinic and is a regular contributor to STREAMLINES and SWIMMER.

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