Encouraging More Adults to Swim

John Morales Receives The 2013 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Richard Burns | April 8, 2014

Santa Rosa Masters is a club that always looks like it's having more fun. Look to John Morales as one of the forces behind the club's spirit. He is a de facto social director and cheerleader. Though an elite swimmer himself, John is always poolside cheering on all of his teammates and swimming friends. He is also a tireless volunteer for Masters Swimming. He was meet director for the inaugural SRM Flower Power Meet.

For the Pacific Masters LMSC, John is the area's scheduling chair. His management and communication skills have kept the event hosts happy and the members informed. He is the chair of Pacific's annual celebration, a daylong event for which John arranged for a keynote address by Matt Biondi. John has served on the Pacific Masters Coach of the Year selection committee and has been a key member on the committee to revamp and improve PacMasters communications. He is also one of three members of the Pacific Governance committee, charged with improving the effectiveness of the LMSC. John is a tireless advocate for common sense and inclusiveness. John's commitment of time, knowledge, energy, and spirit are invaluable to PacMasters.

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