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Phyllis Quinn Receives The 2013 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Richard Burns | April 8, 2014

This year, three individuals from the Pacific LMSC have earned recognition for their contributions. Candor, enthusiasm, persistence, and unselfish dedication are hallmarks of Phyllis Quinn's service to Pacific Masters LMSC. Her contributions start at the Olympic Club where her generosity, caring friendship, and support have improved the experience of every teammate. She's been instrumental in running Olympic Club's Trans-Tahoe Relay (one of the largest USMS events with close to 900 participants) as safety and timing coordinator.

This year Phyllis assumed the role of PacMasters open water chair where she has stewarded the adoption of the new open water insurance and sanction rules. Her strategy to present the USMS insurance situation to the Pacific board resulted in approval for a funding mechanism that kept Pacific's extensive open water program intact (benefiting Pacific's 1,500 open water participants) without taxing the organization's financial reserves (benefiting Pacific's 11,000 members).

Phyllis also provided administrative support for a series of highly successful open water clinics. At the national level, Phyllis has been a key member of the Long Distance Committee for the past two years.

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