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Jim Clemmons Receives The 2012 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Peter Guadagni | April 4, 2014

USMS has many great volunteers and a number of elite athletes. Jim Clemmons is one of the very few who is both. Within his club, he serves on the Pacific Masters Board and at the national level, Jim works tirelessly to ensure members have a positive Masters Swimming experience.

At the start of most meets, you will see Jim arrive early and leave late to set up and take down his club’s pop-up tents. When his club’s coach is not able to make it to a meet, you will see Jim huddled in a chair filling out relay cards to make sure his teammates have the opportunity to compete as a team. As fierce a competitor as he is, Jim is also focused on providing a good experience for his Manatee teammates.

As one of Pacific Masters Vice Chairs, Jim’s wisdom and leadership are essential to the smooth operation of the LMSC. In my role as the organization’s Chairman, I turn to Jim first for advice on difficult and challenging issues. For several years he has either led or participated in the Compensation and Evaluation Committee and Coach of the Year selection committee.

Jim will also take on the smaller, less glamorous jobs, like bringing dinner to the board meeting or staying to clean up afterwards. We make better decisions and function better as a board because of Jim. This is a benefit to every member of Pacific Masters. Jim’s service on the USMS Board of Directors by itself might justify his receiving the award. He has also served on the USMS Coaches (2006 to 2008), Finance (2008 to 2009) and Championship (2009 to present) Committees. These contributions have improved the experience of all USMS members.

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