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Chris Campbell Receives The 2012 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Peter Guadagni | April 4, 2014

About 7 years ago, tragedy struck the Mountain View Masters club when their coach, Allan Liu, lost his life in a biking accident. As is so often the case with USMS clubs, the team was a reflection of Allan’s personality and his loss put the club in jeopardy. Chris Campbell had been an assistant coach for 5 years, and despite the demands of a full-time job, he was one of the people who stepped in to keep the club going. Along with a few others, Chris has helped the team emerge from the tragedy and transition into a stronger, professionally structured organization able to withstand the changes in leadership and coaches who are inevitable in any club. With his help and leadership, MVM hosts the annual Allan Liu Short Course Meters Meet. The meet is a popular and well-run event on the Pacific Masters calendar.

Several years ago when Kerry O’Brien realized it was time to turn the Pacific Masters Coaches Committee to a new generation of leaders, he asked Chris to replace him. Kerry’s judgment was inspired. As coaches chair, Chris was a passionate advocate for coaches and their importance to the USMS mission. Even after he stepped down as coaches chair, Chris continued his efforts to support PacMasters coaches. He continues to serve on the committee and frequently leads the Coach of the Year selection committee.

This fall, he and MVM will host the first USMS Coach Certification clinic offered in the Pacific LMSC. In addition to service to his Club and the LMSC, Chris has, for many years, been a member of the USMS Coaches Committee and the House of Delegates. As a coach, a club leader, a Pacific Masters Board Member, and a USMS House of Delegates and committee member, Chris exemplifies the criteria for the Donnelly Award.

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