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Brian Holthus Receives The 2012 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Nancy Kryka | April 4, 2014

Prior to Brian Holthus' involvement, the Minnesota LMSC had no organized board members, meetings, or communication to members. Brian laid the path for others to follow in structuring and conducting a Minnesota Masters Swim Board and a Mission Statement. With his leadership and support the MN LMSC has expanded to provide monthly community events, a web page, clinics, a monthly newsletter, and team apparel.

Three years ago, Brian Holthus took over the treasurer’s position for Minnesota Masters. A year later, he took the vice president’s position, and last year he served as president. He greatly organized the treasurer’s position. As a Board member, he recruited a group of volunteers and delegated tasks, and came up with documented board meeting procedures and a mission statement. Then, working with the board members who all shared his vision, he tried to find ways to better serve its members. 

The MN LMSC began to brainstorm fun and creative ideas, and to lay out goals for their group. As Minnesota LMSC president, Brian provides professional and valued input into how the LMSC can better service and satisfy their members. With his leadership and support, the MN LMSC has expanded to provide monthly community events, a newly updated web page, good communication to members, clinics, and team apparel. His ideas reflect his love of swimming and his desire to give back to MN Swimming.

Brian has also been meet director of many Minnesota swim meets for over three years. Brian is a valued team member of the Minnesota LMSC board, and he supports and competes in Masters Swimming at the LMSC and national level.

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