Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Jeanne Teisher Receives The 2012 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Sandi Rousseau | April 4, 2014

Jeanne Teisher has served in several board positions over the past 16 years including chair, immediate past chair, vice chair, and treasurer. Jeanne was chair for over 4 years, passed the baton to others, and has now stepped back into the position when her services were needed again. Jeanne is action-oriented, follows through with projects and assignments, and is able to motivate others to volunteer

She has worked diligently to expand representation on the board by initiating LMSC conference calling for board meetings and actively seeking new board members who better represented the entire LMSC area. She has streamlined board meetings resulting in more efficient and effective meetings. 

She has also focused on improving communication to the Oregon Masters membership and recognizing volunteers both in our annual awards and in articles in the Aquamaster newsletter.

Jeanne has also been active over many years with her local team, Tualatin Hills Barracudas. She has served in multiple capacities on the team board as well as serving as meet director for local meets. She is always willing to step in and function in any capacity needed. Jeanne has demonstrated what the ultimate volunteer can do for an organization and is very deserving of this USMS recognition.

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