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Sandi Rousseau Receives 2003 Ransom Arthur Award

Inspiring swimming in Oregon and beyond

Jim Miller, M.D. | November 23, 2010

Once a year we pause to recognize the dedication of a single person within USMS who has worked tirelessly to promote our sport and the organization that makes this all possible. I wish that we took more time to recognize all of the volunteers who enhance our swimming experience. The Ransom J. Arthur Award is the highest honor that USMS can bestow at any level. This year, we happily recognize Sandi Rousseau.

Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D. was the founder of United States Masters Swimming. He believed in the value of adult fitness. In the late 1960s this was a singular opinion. Medical science now has proven that this was visionary. It is now common knowledge that an athlete’s fitness level predicts their health more accurately than any other single variable. Today’s recipient has dedicated herself to the world of medicine and to USMS.

She has promoted both competitive and fitness participation in Masters swimming. She has maintained her involvement at the local and national level. Locally, she has served her team and LMSC at all levels from presidency to special assignments. She was a founding member of Tualatin Hills Barracudas and served as the team’s president. When she relocated to Hood River, she began building yet another Masters team. The quiet little community of Hood River will never be quite the same.

Her leadership inspired the Oregon LMSC to host three championship events since 1986. She served as the meet director for the 1986 Long Course National Championship and swimming commissioner for the 1998 Nike World Masters Games, while serving as a member of the meet organizing committee for the 1995 USMS Long Course Nationals. She received the USMS National Championship Meets Award in 1997 for her performance in hosting national events. She chaired the USMS Championship Committee from 1993 to 2001 and continues to serve on multiple national and local committees.

Sandi Rousseau’s enthusiasm and dedication are only matched by her leadership. The Oregon LMSC and USMS are grateful for her many contributions. She embodies the goals of United States Masters Swimming and the spirit of Captain Ransom J. Arthur. Please join me in applauding Sandi in this, her very special moment.


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Sandi Rousseau received USMS’s highest honor for service, the Captain Ransom J. Arthur, M.D. Award, so named for the founder of Masters swimming. Sandi has an exceptional history of service to Masters swimming on all levels since 1983. Her service includes eight years as chair of the USMS Championship Committee, where she spearheaded many changes in national championship meets and she was the SUSM liaison to seven national championship meets. Sandi had personal experience to rely on in the national championship arena, as she was meet director for the 1986 USMS Long Course Nationals, the swimming commissioner for the 1998 NIKE World Masters Games, and a driving force behind the 1995 USMS Long Course Nationals. Sandi has been active on her Oregon LMSC board for twenty years, holding several offices and committee chair positions. She has also been president and secretary of her local team. She has drafted meet guidelines, contracts, and safety procedures on both the local and national levels. She has received numerous local awards for service as well as the National Championship Meet Award.

A recent move from Portland to Hood River has not diminished Sandi’s support for Masters swimming. Suddenly Hood River has a Masters team where none existed before. She was recently spotted “selling” Masters swimming at a post-workout breakfast to a lap swimmer who thought he was just going to get pancakes. To quote her teammates and swimming friends, “Her dedication, professionalism, work ethic, and integrity have been a blessing to Oregon Masters Swimming, the Northwest Zone, and USMS”.

Retyped by Sally Dillon from various accumulated sources - 7/7/10

Note: Sandi received the U.S. Masters Swimming Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 1998.

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About the Author—Jim Miller, M.D.

Jim Miller, M.D., is a family practice and sports medicine physician and associate clinical professor at the University of Virginia and Virginia Commonwealth University. He serves on both the USMS Sports Medicine and Science Committee and the FINA Sports Medicine Committee. Miller is also the sports medicine co-editor for FINA Aquatic World Magazine. He has served as the chair of the FINA World Sports Medicine Congress, national team physician for USA Swimming, chair of the USA Swimming Sports Medicine Task Force, and on USA Swimming’s Open Water Development and International Relations Committees. Miller also served as USMS president from 2001–2005.

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