Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Chris Stevenson Receives 2009 Dorothy Donnelly Award

New and improved

Author Unknown | July 20, 2010

The LMSC for Virginia is truly indebted to Chris Stevenson for his work, dedication, and leadership. Chris first volunteered to be the chair of the LMSC Top Ten and Records Committee. He is so efficient that sometimes it seems he has the records updated before most people drive home from the meet. He is a tremendous help to meet directors in documenting and submitting record applications. He has also worked on the USMS Records and Tabulation Committee, serving this year as vice chair. Chris agreed to be vice chair of the LMSC and this, of course, led to his becoming LMSC chair. At the same time, has maintained the Top Ten submissions and the LMSC records.

As part of his leadership role, he has recruited and involved "new blood" for LMSC leadership positions. What sets Chris apart from so many volunteers is the fact that he is always looking for an innovative, "better" way of doing things. He is supportive of event directors and LMSC committee chairs, while encouraging them to try something different. He is always available to help get the job done.

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