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Janet Renner Receives 2009 Dorothy Donnelly Award

Aloha swimming

Author Unknown | July 20, 2010

Janet Renner has been a Masters swimmer since the early 80s when she lived in Lake Tahoe and swam with Sierra Nevada Masters. She moved to Hawaii in the mid 80s and became involved as a swimmer and a coach on Maui.

Janet has started two clubs on this island (Maui Masters Swim Club and Valley Isle Masters), and has organized 50+ open water swims to the point that Masters now has six annual swims plus the channel swim. All these swims are also open to and sanctioned by USA-S Hawaiian Swimming on Maui. She continues as the race director for two of these swims herself (Swim for the Heart and the Maui Roughwater Swim).

Janet has run pool meets as well, including the 1997 Pan Pacific Championships at the Lahaina Pool and the 2002 Short Course Nationals on Oahu at the University of Hawaii Pool. She is well known to swimmers who vacation in Maui because her workouts are always open to visitors. Fourteen years ago Janet stepped up and took on the LMSC chair position and she's done a wonderful job.

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