Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Paul Freeman Receives 2009 Dorothy Donnelly Award

Editor extraordinaire

Author Unknown | July 20, 2010

Paul Freeman has served as PNA's editor of "The WetSet" since March 2003. Paul's predecessors set a high mark, one that earned the USMS Newsletter of the Year Award for "The WetSet" in 2000. Paul's efforts have been no less impressive - "The WetSet" was again recognized as the Newsletter of the Year in 2005.

Often, with little more than rudimentary facts about an event, Paul is able to create an effective word picture that conveys the excitement and fun experienced by the attendees. He continually challenges our members to submit articles, offering his full support to edit whatever they're willing to provide into an interesting finished story.

Paul has maintained his cheerful and enthusiastic demeanor in both newsletter production and swimming. He tells us he stays involved because he admires the commitment he sees in the other PNA board members. Clearly, though, Paul is an example of volunteerism at its best.

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