Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Lisa Dahl Receives 2009 Dorothy Donnelly Award

Bringing energy and initiative

Author Unknown | July 20, 2010

Lisa Dahl brings great enthusiasm to PNA, making real changes in how we do our work. Lisa joined Masters swimming in 2003 after very successful age group, college and coaching careers. Once she began competing, she saw a need in the local organization for her skills and abilities.

Lisa's first major contribution to PNA was stepping up in 2006 to coordinate marketing for the PNA-hosted 2007 Short Course Nationals. She took marketing to new levels by contacting local businesses for contributions of in-kind services, food for hospitality and cash donations for the event. She coordinated most effectively with sponsors both locally and nationally to gather donations for swimmers' goodie bags. These were subsequently pronounced "best ever" for a nationals meet.

On the planning committee, Lisa made invaluable suggestions from her coaching and competing background. She then worked tirelessly during the meet to assemble more than 80 relays for our 350 PNA swimmers attending. Lisa is in her second term as vice-chair of PNA, having been elected to that office in 2006.

During her tenure, PNA has undertaken more new initiatives than in any recent three-year period, often as a direct result of Lisa's influence. Some of those initiatives are: encouraging swimmers to compete in their first meet by offering "new swimmer" goodie bags; sponsoring and coordinating a "new swimmer" clinic that includes a practice swim meet; and developing policies and approaches for PNA to sponsor one or more coaches at national meets.

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