Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Marcia Anziano Receives 2009 Dorothy Donnelly Award

Making it happen

Author Unknown | July 19, 2010

Marcia Anziano has been an ultra-active volunteer for COMSA for the past 10 years. She has chaired several local committees in Colorado (including Fitness, Coaches, Sanctions, and Safety), and she has been elected by the membership into the Registrar, Secretary, Vice Chair and Chair positions. She has also been the Breadbasket Zone Chair, and held this position while she was chairing the COMSA LMSC.  Marcia is currently a member of the USMS Legislation Committee and is the Chair of the USMS Fitness Committee. As the Coaches and Fitness chairs for COMSA, Marcia brought over 10 clinics to the LMSC, coordinating with the USMS Coaches committee to bring new perspectives to COMSA through the USMS Mentor Coach and Swimmer Clinics. She won the COMSA Service award two times (2003 and 2007).

One of the new programs that Marcia brought to the LMSC is the open water workout agreement that she negotiated with a local lake. Marcia's tireless dedication to Masters swimming both at the local and national level is unequaled.  She's a great volunteer and has more than earned this recognition.

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