Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Jeanne Ensign Receives 2007 Ransom Arthur Award

Taking on any job

Author Unknown | November 9, 2009

As the president of USMS, I think one of my favorite responsibilities is to recognize the athletic and service accomplishments of our members. And my greatest pleasure is to recognize the winner of the USMS Ransom J. Arthur Award, our most prestigious award.

Captain Ransom J. Arthur was the founding father of United States Masters Swimming. His vision of promoting adult health through fitness and competition was revolutionary. He created a stage upon which adults could gather, compete and support each other in the lifelong pursuit of training and fitness goals. Today, adult fitness is a natural aspect of life. This wasn’t so in 1970, when 46 athletes gathered in Amarillo, Texas, for the first Short Course National Championship. Ransom had a passion and a vision. We are the culmination of that vision, and the torchbearers of his passion.

Each year USMS recognizes one of our members who embodies the dedication and passion required to carry on Ransom Arthur’s vision. Our 2007 recipient is no exception; she has been instrumental in the development of Masters swimming at all levels. She does not seek recognition for her contributions at the local, regional and national levels and she is not looking for adulation. However, when Masters swimming calls for help, her altruistic nature drives her to take on the challenge, no matter how large or small; and when there is a job to do, she will step in and see it through to a successful end.

And while she is not looking for recognition for her volunteerism it is my great pleasure to recognize this year’s Ransom J. Arthur Award recipient, Jeanne Ensign. Jeanne is an exhaustive worker who has showed remarkable enthusiasm for all of her duties at team, LMSC, Zone and National levels. Nationally, Jeanne has served as our USMS Treasurer, a member of our Board of Directors, our Internal Auditor, the Finance Committee Chair, as well as volunteering for numerous other assignments in her 15 years as a delegate to our annual meeting. Jeanne has served as the Northwest Zone Treasurer for approximately 10 years, she has served as the Pacific Northwest Association president, vice president, and treasurer. Prior to moving to the Seattle area, Jeanne was the Montana LMSC registrar and treasurer. She has also been a major contributor in the success of the 1997 Short Course, 2001 Long Course, and this year’s 2007 Short Course USMS National Championships.

Jeanne is a leader who can be counted on to support the mission of Masters swimming to promote fitness and health in adults by offering and supporting Masters swimming programs. Jeanne is a contributor who gives back over and over again. And most important, to me, Jeanne is a friend whom I greatly admire and respect.

I would like you to join me in recognizing the years of leadership, passion, dedication, support and volunteerism bestowed upon Masters swimming by Jeanne Ensign, our 2007 USMS Ransom J. Arthur Award recipient.

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