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Scott Williams Receives 2008 Dorothy Donnelly Award

"Walks the talk"

Author Unknown | October 5, 2008

Scott Williams received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He has long been active in the Pacific LMSC as a coach and as a former Pacific Masters Coaches Chair. Everywhere Scott goes he brings enthusiasm and fun along with his coaching expertise. He "walks the talk" by participating in pool and open water events and bringing others with him. Scott has been generous with his facilities at The Olympic Club by hosting many Masters seminars and clinics for both coaches and swimmers. He initiated a SCM 1500 in the new pool at his club. He served as a coach at the USMS Training Camp at the Olympic Training Center, was well received by the athletes, and persuaded The Olympic Club to help financially support the camp. Scott has headed up the popular Trans Tahoe Relay for many years and created a new category for solo swimmers. He coaches triathletes in swimming on weekends, he coaches high school teams, and he fills in for other coaches.

Scott Williams lives our sport and is very deserving of this honor.

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