Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Doug Huestis Receives 2008 Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

Increased long course meets

Author Unknown | October 5, 2008

Doug Huestis received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He has served the Pacific LMSC as a long time coach with The Olympic Club, Fog City, Burlingame, and currently BAY Masters. He has been a convention delegate and a member of the Coaches and Sports Medicine committees, and as Pacific's Vice-Chair of Administration and a former Chairman of Pacific Masters Swimming.  Doug has encouraged the clubs he has coached to host swim meets, especially long course meets, which has greatly enhanced Pacific's long course program.

Doug is a student of our sport and has written articles and analyses of technique that have been published in Swim magazine, Swimming Technique magazine, M.A.C.A., as well as professional journals such as the Journal of American College of Sports Medicine. He has contributed to the education and knowledge of Masters swimming by offering clinics at the regional and national levels. Doug also contributed to Pacific's program as "Captain Midnight" who offered training plans and stroke tips for two years in the Pacific Masters weekly update that is sent to all Pacific swimmers.

For his long service to Masters swimming, Doug Huestis receives this honor.

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