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Fred Pigott Receives Dorothy Donnelly Award

Making it all happen

Author Unknown | October 5, 2008

Fred Pigott received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. He received not one, but two separate nominations for this award. Fred has been a consistent volunteer for Masters swimming since 1983. It is a rare national championship meet where he is not serving as an official of some sort. He has been a stroke and turn judge, referee, starter, chief judge and head referee.

Although not a swimmer himself, Fred gets the ideals of fun and friendship in Masters. He is always quick with a smile and a handshake. Over the years he has gotten to know many of the USMS athletes and makes more friends each meet. Last year, he was selected as a delegate to the USMS convention from Illinois. He works hard at his local LMSC recruiting USA officials to come find out what the fun meets are like to work. Fred is an active member of the USMS Officials Committee and provided valuable expertise to the committee as they are developing key elements of a revised officials program to support USMS National Championships well as LMSC minimum standards and certification criteria. Additionally, Fred has worked with the Open Water / Long Distance Committee to develop protocols for officiating open water races, observing and photographing examples of infractions and non-infractions during races.

Fred Pigott’s service to USMS is greatly appreciated.


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