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Tom Foley Receives 2008 Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

"Mr. PNA"

Author Unknown | October 4, 2008

Tom Foley received the Dorothy Donnelly Service Award in 2008. “Mr. PNA”, as the locals know him, has been here from the beginning and served as the second president of Pacific Northwest LMSC. He followed in co-founder Steve Engel’s footsteps toward building an LMSC that, 35 years later, supports over 1,400 members.

Tom has served in many positions over the years and he continues to be a PNA board member as an at-large representative who voices the concerns of our small-team, unattached, and senior members. Tom is also the LMSC historian. He has rarely missed a PNA competition and is known for swimming at least one grueling race (if not more) at each meet.

Tom was instrumental in organizing and managing the meet hospitality room for PNA’s last two national championships in 2001 and 2007. Tom Foley’s long time service to his LMSC certainly qualifies him for this award.

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