Encouraging More Adults to Swim

Profiling Dan Wegner

Swimming and coaching

Author Unknown | May 14, 2002

Dan Wegner was born in New Jersey and has been swimming since before he could walk. He got his start in competitive swimming with various summer leagues and cabana clubs, and at age 16 moved onto a USA Swimming team, the NJ Wahoos. Upon graduating from high school, Dan headed to the University of Texas where he swam for two years before transferring to Florida State University where he completed his collegiate swimming career. He's been a die hard Seminoles fan ever since and has been the president of the Southern California Seminole Club for the past three years. Dan has been swimming and coaching for SCAQ since December 1997. Outside of SCAQ, Dan is web designer and he has worked extensively on www.swim.net.

This story is from the SCAQ website.


Dan Wegner Receives The 2013 USMS Dorothy Donnelly Service Award

by Rich Burns

When Dan Wegner assumed the role of SPMS Registrar, he focused on the organization’s fiscal health and enhanced communications. A new conference call solution is saving the LMSC $130 per month and the introduction of an electronic newsletter an additional $1,300 every issue. He increased online registration from 78% to 95%. A SPMS Club Welcome Packet he created was so popular, the National Office adopted it for use throughout the country.

To increase understanding and efficiency, Dan stewarded refinements to the LMSC's policies and procedures, including meet administrator guidelines, open water event host guidelines, open water referee and open water coordinator positions. 

His communications efforts included a program of SPMA logo merchandise with shirts, luggage tags, stickers, and sticky-note pads. He volunteered his time as webmaster and rebuilt the SPMS website, including a back-end database supporting all the activities of the LMSC.

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