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Joe D Hutto, MIMS Finisher

Coming down the Hudson was the hardest

Author Unknown | July 19, 2000

Joe Hutto finished the Swim Around Manhattan in 8:07.31 on Saturday, July 19, 1997, only 51 minutes behind the top finisher. This is a simply superb swim for a guy that just started serious swimming six years ago at age 40. He's grateful to his support crew, top open water swimmers Gail Rice and Sarah Rice. Joe is a past president of Coral Springs Masters, now residing in New Jersey, but still swimming for Gold Coast Masters Swim Team. We're proud of you, Joe.

Here's his comment. "It was a tough swim for all especially coming down the Hudson River which had a significant chop. I was most proud of David Boudreau and his accomplishment of finishing at third place. I could not have done as well as I did without the support of Gail and Sarah. They were there the whole race cheering me on with fluids and writing me notes. I had so much adrenaline coming down the Hudson. I feel I could have done anything. They were simply awesome. The swimming fraternity in South Florida is simply outstanding. After being gone over two years I still feel I have great friends there in my swimming family. Best wishes, Joe."

Catch your breath, Joe, and come back soon!

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