One Event Registrations

LMSCs have the option to offer one-event registrations at events sanctioned by their own LMSC.  A one-event registration provides USMS insurance coverage to a participant in one "event" (open water race or pool meet).  One-event participants pay a one-time fee.  They are not eligible for Top 10 or records set in that event.

A summary of the process is as follows:

  • Swimmers fill out OEVT form at race
  • Race director collects forms and payments
  • Race director enters names into spreadsheet
  • Race director emails spreadsheet to LMSC registrar
  • Race director mails paper OEVT forms and payments to registrar
  • Registrar emails spreadsheet to National Office
  • National Office bills LMSC for OEVT registrations (as part of monthly registration invoicing)

If race entries are being done through an online vendor, the participants can pay for their one-event fees as part of the online entry process.  See this document for an explanation.

More information may be found in the General Registration Information of the Guide to Operations.



Note that one-event registrations are not allowed for postal events.  See Article 301.2.2 of the USMS Rule Book ("...Athletes with one-event registrations are not eligible for national championship postal events.").

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