2012 USMS Spring Nationals Video Recaps

Sunday: Day 4 at Spring Nationals in Greensboro

Wrapping up the 2012 Spring Nationals at the Greensboro Aquatic Center, Rob Butcher and Eney Jones follow coaches Marty Hendrick and Rick Walker as they coach their swimmers and help them meet their goals. We also meet friends and families who have met through Masters swimming and who stay connected by attending meets together: The Knowles family from the Bahamas, who are attending their 7th USMS Nationals, as well as Kim Crouch and AJ Block, best friends through USMS. We talk with Ken Rice and Shericka Rice, who got married the day before Spring Nationals and are here on their honeymoon. And lastly, we speak with meet referee Joel Black, who talks about the number of officials and volunteers it takes to pull off a meet of this size.

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Saturday: Day 3 at Spring Nationals in Greensboro

Today Rob Butcher and Eney Jones are joined by legendary NCAA coach David Marsh, who heads up Team Elite, a program for post-graduate athletes who are training for the Olympics. Coach Marsh joins three of his team members and anchors a relay. We talk with Jeff Roddin, Chair of the Championship Commitee, here swimming with his wife, Julie Roddin, and both his parents, Hugh Roddin and Ruth Roddin. Eney checks out the Compex muscle stimulation system at the Hammer Nutrition booth with Laura LaBelle, and walks around to check out what people have in their swim bags. The 50 freestyle is never a dull event, but Team Elite members breaking the 20-second barrier in the final heats had the crowds on their feet. We chat with Cullen Jones and Bryan Lundquist about what they like about swimming in USMS Spring Nationals.

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Friday: Day 2 at Spring Nationals in Greensboro

Day Two progresses as we pass the halfway mark here in Greensboro, N.C. Rob Butcher, USMS's executive director, and Eney Jones recap today's events, starting with the announcement of the Capt. Ransom Arthur M.D. Award, presented by USMS president, Nadine Day. This year's honoree is longtime volunteer, Doug Church. We also catch up with Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen, one of Masters swimming's most decorated swimmers, back after a two-year hiatus from competition; and Louise Murray, a retired English teacher who didn't start swimming until she was in her 30s. We got the chance to see Olympian Todd Torres and Olympic Trials qualifer Steve West throw down in the 50 breast. Eney Jones checks in with seven-time Olympic medalist Amanda Beard, and we follow Scott Bay, the coach of Team Blu Frog, as he takes his swimmers through the 200 freestyle.

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Thursday: Day 1 at Spring Nationals in Greensboro

Distance day here in Greensboro, N.C. Eney Jones talks with some swimmers who traveled a great distance to attend Spring Nationals. The Royal Marines from England, Joanne Wainwright from Alaska, and Kate Carr from the Pacific Northwest. We also caught up with Billy Gaines, the entrepreneur who started the World Series of Beer Pong, and we found out what swimming and beer pong have in common.

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Wednesday: Spring Nationals Preview

Join Eney Jones as we take a look at the brand new Greensboro Aquatic Center as swimmers are starting to arrive for Spring Nationals. Eney checks out the state-of-the-art features of the faciity and explains why we'll see some fast swimming here this weekend. We talk meet directors Don Gilchrist and Hill Carrow, as well as Susan Braman, the GAC manager.

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