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General information on Pool sanctions/recognitions
Open Water Sanction Guidelines
Open Water Safety Guidelines

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For Questions about USMS Sanctions:
Call: 941-256-8767
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Sanction/Recognition submits the application for sanction or recognition by USMS. Later in this form, you'll specify whether it is a Sanction or a Recognition.

For questions about USMS sanctions or promotiing your event please contact or call 941-256-8767.
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A Postal/Virtual Event does not take place at an actual venue. Times are swum individually, and mailed in.
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Course Meets
Length Requirements?:
A listing of current pool certifications on file with the National Office can be found here.
Has the pool or open water cable course been measured and its dimensions meet the requirements as stated in the USMS rule book?
Sanction Type:
A USMS Sanction requires that every participant is a USMS member.

Recognition allows for some participants to not be a USMS member, but still allows for a USMS member's results to count as an official time.

Sanctioned by Another FINA Governing Body allows your event to be displayed on the calendar, but it will not receive sanction or recognition status by USMS.
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The country in which your event is hosted.
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(Optional Only If Not In USA) The LMSC in which your event is hosted.
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Ex: USMS Long Distance Postal Series Challenge
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