USMS National Records
Lifetime Relay Records for JAMES KRUEGER
Age GroupEventTeamSwimmersDateTime
M55+200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)THE OLYMPIC CLUB James E Elder, Charles H Raven, Edward G Cazalet, James Krueger 05-10-981:37.31
200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)THE OLYMPIC CLUB Charles H Raven, James Krueger, Richard A Bassi, Donald P Hill  - -961:39.62
200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)THE OLYMPIC CLUB James Krueger, Lewis E Cook, William G Van Horn, Charles H Raven 05-21-951:41.51
200 Medley Relay (SCY)THE OLYMPIC CLUB Edward G Cazalet, James Krueger, James E Elder, Charles H Raven 05-10-981:53.89
200 Medley Relay (SCY)THE OLYMPIC CLUB Lewis E Cook, William Timken, James Krueger, Charles H Raven 05-21-951:57.39
M200-239800 Freestyle Relay (LCM)OAHU CLUB MASTERS TEAM Mike Sherrill, Harold M Sexton, James Krueger, James E Lilley  - -9210:22.54
200 Medley Relay (SCM)THE OLYMPIC CLUB Tim A Birnie, Robert Strand, Richard A Bassi, James Krueger 10-13-962:00.35
M240-279200 Freestyle Relay (LCM)THE OLYMPIC CLUB Richard A Bassi, James Krueger, William G Van Horn, Philip D Chapman 06-29-971:54.45
200 Medley Relay (LCM)THE OLYMPIC CLUB Richard A Bassi, Tim Timken, James Krueger, Philip D Chapman 06-29-972:17.51

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