USMS National Records
Lifetime Relay Records for Bob Merrick
Age GroupEventTeamSwimmersDateTime
M65+200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)SOUTHERN CAL AQUATICS MASTERS Jurgen B Schmidt, Frank Piemme, Bob Merrick, George M Brinton 05-21-901:55.12
400 Freestyle Relay (SCY)SOUTHERN CAL AQUATICS MASTERS Frank Piemme, Bob Merrick, Jurgen B Schmidt, Lee C Arth  - -904:28.95
800 Freestyle Relay (SCY)SOUTHERN CAL AQUATICS MASTERS Lee C Arth, Jurgen B Schmidt, Bob Merrick, Frank Piemme  - -9310:40.71
200 Medley Relay (SCY)SOUTHERN CAL AQUATICS MASTERS Bob Merrick, Lee C Arth, Jurgen B Schmidt, Frank Piemme 05-21-902:12.78
M240-279200 Freestyle Relay (LCM)SOUTHERN CAL AQUATICS MASTERS Boyd W Johnson, Bob Merrick, Rube Wolf, Don W Conklin 08-24-862:02.48
200 Medley Relay (LCM)SOUTHERN CAL AQUATICS MASTERS Rube Wolf, Don W Conklin, Boyd W Johnson, Bob Merrick  - -862:23.63
400 Freestyle Relay (SCM)SOUTHERN CAL AQUATICS MASTERS Don Wilson, Bob Merrick, George M Brinton, Richard H Rouse  - -894:51.11
M320-359400 Freestyle Relay (LCM)COAST MASTERS Robert W Christians, Louis G Giberson, Bob Merrick, Woody W Bowersock 07-25-986:12.12
400 Medley Relay (LCM)COAST MASTERS Robert W Christians, Bob Merrick, Louis G Giberson, Woody W Bowersock 07-25-987:34.79
X320-359200 Medley Relay (SCM)COAST MASTERS Madeleine C Miller, Maxine O Merlino, Bob Merrick, Woody W Bowersock 12-13-983:54.19

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