USMS National Records
Lifetime Relay Records for Michael D Collins
Age GroupEventTeamSwimmersDateTime
X72-99400 Freestyle Relay (LCM)DAVIS AQUATIC MASTERS Christopher J Morgan, Michael D Collins, Christine M Schultz, Jennifer K Norris  - -934:22.10
M72-99400 Freestyle Relay (LCM)DAVIS AQUATIC MASTERS Ernie Hoftyzer, Brian K Nabeta, Michael D Collins, Darren V Mounts  - -943:53.22
800 Freestyle Relay (LCM)DAVIS AQUATIC MASTERS Michael D Collins, Jeffrey W Bailey, Jeffrey A Hicks, Thomas McNamara  - -899:11.58
M100-119800 Freestyle Relay (SCM)DAVIS AQUATIC MASTERS Michael D Collins, Matthew D Grahn, Brad Winsor, John H Keppeler 12-10-957:57.87
M120-159400 Freestyle Relay (SCM)DAVIS AQUATIC MASTERS Andrew M McPherson, Michael D Collins, Brad Winsor, John H Keppeler 12-10-953:36.25
400 Freestyle Relay (SCM)DAVIS AQUATIC MASTERS Hans J Konrad, Michael D Collins, Andrew M McPherson, Paul A Schroeder  - -903:55.05

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