USMS National Records
Lifetime Relay Records for David J Hague
Age GroupEventTeamSwimmersDateTime
X35+200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)LONE STAR MASTERS Trip Hedrick, David J Hague, Lynn Morrison=Casey, Diane M Montgomery 05-07-891:36.39
400 Freestyle Relay (SCY)TEXAS AQUATICS MASTERS Sandy Neilson-Bell, David J Hague, Karlene Wise, Bruce A Greenwood 04-02-953:30.17
400 Medley Relay (SCY)TEXAS AQUATICS MASTERS Deb J Starr, Sandy Neilson-Bell, David J Hague, Peter D Nunan  - -954:04.49
M35+200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)LONE STAR MASTERS Jim Montgomery, Richard Hess, Trip Hedrick, David J Hague 05-21-901:25.72
X65+400 Freestyle Relay (SCY)LONE STAR MASTERS David J Hague, Bruce F Williams, Lynn Morrison, Jeannie L Woolslayer 04-28-223:56.07
M65+200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)LONE STAR MASTERS Richard Neville, David J Hague, Jack W Gooding, Bruce F Williams 05-01-221:37.90
M120-159200 Freestyle Relay (LCM)LONE STAR MASTERS David J Hague, Trip Hedrick, Buck Smith, Jim Montgomery 07-16-861:37.43
M160-199200 Medley Relay (LCM)BAYLOR / LONE STAR MASTERS Mel Nash, Berry Hamilton, Trip Hedrick, David J Hague 07-09-941:53.79

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