USMS National Records
Lifetime Relay Records for David S Drum
Age GroupEventTeamSwimmersDateTime
X35+200 Freestyle Relay (SCY)DC MASTERS Dorothy F Gates, Betty M Brey, David S Drum, Sandy Gideonse  - -751:44.57
M35+200 Medley Relay (SCY)DC MASTERS Skip Monsein, Meredith R Smith, Edward L Emes, David S Drum 05-18-741:51.15
X45+200 Medley Relay (SCY)SAN DIEGO SWIM MASTERS Betsy T Jordan, Lloyd I Skramstad, David S Drum, Janet Lamott  - -842:03.70
M45+400 Medley Relay (SCY)SAN DIEGO SWIM MASTERS John W Goode, Lloyd I Skramstad, David S Drum, Bill Earley 05-03-874:49.59
X160-199800 Freestyle Relay (LCM)SAN DIEGO SWIM MASTERS Barbara G Dunbar, Marilyn A Fink, Laurance O Hill, David S Drum 08-22-8710:18.62
M200-239200 Medley Relay (SCM)SAN DIEGO SWIM MASTERS Bill Earley, Lloyd I Skramstad, David S Drum, Ken Kimball  - -862:14.27

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