USMS National Records
Lifetime Relay Records for Edie B Gruender
Age GroupEventTeamSwimmersDateTime
W55+400 Freestyle Relay (SCY)ARIZONA MASTERS Dorothy Laporte, Edie B Gruender, Nancy Macbeth, Ruth M Manfredi  - -875:49.36
W200-239400 Freestyle Relay (LCM)ARIZONA MASTERS Nancy Mac Beth, Ruth M Manfredi, Lisa M Bogatko, Edie B Gruender  - -875:40.36
200 Freestyle Relay (SCM)ARIZONA MASTERS Edie B Gruender, Judy L Gillies, Katy B Burrell, Dorothy Laporte  - -872:44.77
X280-319200 Medley Relay (LCM)ARIZONA MASTERS Nancy MacBeth, Max Von Isser, Ronald L Johnson, Edie B Gruender 08-23-992:46.45
W280-319200 Medley Relay (LCM)ARIZONA MASTERS Nancy Kinney, Gail Roper, Sally A Bolar, Edie Gruender 08-15-053:09.93
200 Medley Relay (LCM)ARIZONA MASTERS Nancy Kinney, Carol Taylor, Sally A Bolar, Edie B Gruender 07-18-043:15.39
200 Medley Relay (LCM)ARIZONA MASTERS Nancy MacBeth, Sally A Bolar, Edie B Gruender, Margaret E Nagle 08-23-993:23.45

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