USMS National Records
Lifetime Relay Records for Michael A Laux
Age GroupEventTeamSwimmersDateTime
X25+200 Freestyle Relay (LCM)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Sandra H Myerson, Christie M Slimak, Michael A Laux, Jack Geoghegan 08-10-731:58.76
M45+400 Freestyle Relay (SCY)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Jack Geoghegan, Ronald A Molnar, John Boces, Michael A Laux  - -903:46.04
400 Medley Relay (SCY)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Jack Geoghegan, Jack McCoy, Michael A Laux, Ronald A Molnar  - -904:15.51
M100-119400 Medley Relay (SCM)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Jake Gulick, Robert F Kane, Michael A Laux, Jim Loughlin  - -894:42.84
X160-199400 Medley Relay (SCM)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Katherine A Branch, Robert F Kane, Michael A Laux, Donna L Neary  - -924:50.99
M160-199400 Freestyle Relay (SCM)CONNECTICUT MASTERS D Reed Ameden, Daniel H Davis, Michael A Laux, Louis F Fabrizio  - -884:14.13
M200-239200 Medley Relay (LCM)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Robert Burns, Mani Sanguily, Michael A Laux, Lenrod Goldstone 08-28-882:08.82
800 Freestyle Relay (SCM)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Ronald A Molnar, Daniel H Davis, Michael A Laux, Jack Geoghegan 10-21-929:48.41
400 Medley Relay (SCM)CONNECTICUT MASTERS Arnie Green, Robert F Kane, Michael A Laux, Wayne P Shadbolt  - -905:13.06

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