USMS National Records
Lifetime Records for Kenneth Frost
Age GroupEventNameDateTime
M55-59200 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-23-992:52.94
M60-64100 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-15-051:18.60
200 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 06-13-042:55.55
M65-69200 Breast (SCY)Kenneth A Frost 05-23-102:35.32
50 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-07-0935.00
50 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-06-0935.70
100 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-06-091:18.11
200 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-09-092:59.54
200 Breast (SCM)Kenneth A Frost 10-18-092:56.37
M70-74200 Breast (SCY)Kenneth A Frost 04-26-152:43.16
50 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-06-1437.34
100 Breast (LCM)Kenneth A Frost 08-04-141:23.65

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