USMS National Records
Currently Held Records for Dennis G Baker (8)
Age GroupEventNameDateTime
M40-44200 Fly (SCY)Dennis G Baker 04-14-021:50.61
200 Fly (LCM)Dennis G Baker 07-11-042:05.55
M45-49500 Free (SCY)Dennis Baker 05-20-074:39.10
200 Fly (SCY)Dennis G Baker 12-06-081:50.73
400 Free (LCM)Dennis G Baker 07-19-084:09.20
200 Fly (LCM)Dennis G Baker 07-19-082:04.07
200 Fly (SCM)Dennis Baker 11-19-062:06.40
M50-54200 Fly (LCM)Dennis G Baker 07-09-112:13.80

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