2018 Virginia Senior Games

Date: May 17 - 18, 2018
Course: Short Course Yards
Location: Richmond, VA
LMSC: Virginia
Country: USA
Sanction Status: Recognized by the Virginia LMSC
Sanction Number: 128-R001
Event ID: 20180517SRG18Y
Championship: Not a Zone, National, or International Championship
Postal Swim: No
Competition or Clinic: Competition
Event Website: Link To Event Website
Online Registration Website: Link To Online Registration Website
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Other Event Info:


NOVA of Virginia Aquatics Center
12207 Gayton Rd
Richmond, VA 23238 USA


Event Director

Name: Lori Hopewell
Email Address: novabusinessoffice@novaswim.org
Phone Number: (804) 750-1183
Address 1: 12207 Gayton Road
City: Richmond
State: VA
Zip Code: 23238
Country: United States Of America

Head Referee

Organization: PSDN
Name: Ralph Jones
Email Address: ralph.jones@vdot.virginia.gov
Phone Number: (804) 786-4034
Country: United States Of America

Meet Referee (Friday, May 18)

Organization: NOVA
Name: Glenn West
Email Address: glenn.west@verizon.net
Phone Number: (804) 687-1184
Country: United States Of America
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