Spook Splash Sprint 2012

Date: Oct 27, 2012
Course: Short Course Yards
Location: Idaho Falls, ID
LMSC: Snake River
Country: USA
Sanction Status: Sanctioned by the Snake River LMSC
Sanction Number: 592-S004
Event ID: 20121027SpookY
Championship: Not a Zone, National, or International Championship
Postal Swim: No
Competition or Clinic: Competition
Event Website:
Online Registration Website:
Entries Close 10/18/2012
Entry Form: Link To Entry Form
Other Document(s):
Other Event Info:


Wes Diest Aquatic Center
149 7th ST
Idaho Falls, ID 83401 USA


Event Director

Organization: Idaho Falls Swim Team
Name: April Walkley
Email Address: aprilwalkley@gmail.com
Phone Number: (509) 220-7902
Address 1: 4977 Gemmit Crk Dr
City: Idaho Falls
State: ID
Zip Code: 83401
Country: United States Of America
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