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USMS Relay All-Americans

Relay All-Americans for the South Carolina LMSC For Pool

Following is the list of USMS Relay All-Americans for the South Carolina LMSC. These swimmers participated in at least one relay event/age group that posted the fastest time in one of the three courses. All of these swimmers are eligible to receive a USMS Relay All-American patch and certificate if they wish. To request your patch and certificate, send in the request form along with a fee of $5.00 per swimmer requesting the patch and certificate.

Year Team Name Age
2016 PALM Palmetto Masters 
    Mark Rutledge 49
Steve Savage 48
Joey Kanner 45
Joe Rainero 49
2015 GS  
    Kiah A Bellows 25
Rachel A Smith 23
Kenzie Alexander 23
Stephanie Nagele 25
Molly Willingham 23
Wesley Sawyer 38
Scott M Tanner 31
Neal Robinson 26
2015 PALM  
    Dana B Brown 68
Cathy L Hallman-Kenner 50
Jennifer R Cranny 47
Erin C Moro 37
Kari Yocum 38
Stacey L Bruce 41
Jamie W Wilson 49
2014 GS  
    Kiah A Bellows 24
Taylor E McAlister 19
Cassandra J Oliver 26
Jeffrey Lim 24
2014 PALM  
    Kari Yocum 37
Anna Holland 33
Erin C Moro 36
Jamie W Wilson 48
2014 WAMT  
    Jay Crout 30
Rivers Hiller 19
Gene A Magliaro 24
Harry M Williamson 25
2010 CAT  
    Caitlin C Seed 22
Sarah Cefalu 24
Sarah Porri 23
Lauren K Sindall 22
Lance A Asti 30
Brett Mac Lennan 25
Bryce Herrington 25
Andrew J Scheerhorn 28
Joel P Johnson 25
1996 PIMM  
    F. CALDERON 23
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