USMS Relay All-Americans

Relay All-Americans for the Niagara LMSC

Following is the list of USMS Relay All-Americans for the Niagara LMSC. These swimmers participated in at least one relay event/age group that posted the fastest time in one of the three courses. All of these swimmers are eligible to receive a USMS Relay All-American patch and certificate if they wish. To request your patch and certificate, send in the request form along with a fee of $5.00 per swimmer requesting the patch and certificate.

Year Team Name Age
2019 BUMS  
    Christopher R Bishop 46
Kelly J Kovalovsky 57
Adam Laats 49
Randy S Mayall 53
2018 BUMS  
    Christopher R Bishop 45
Geoff Wells 35
David F Werner 39
Peter M Klimas 36
2017 BUMS  
    Lucy J Fleming 67
Charlotte Kramer 62
Rhonda L Lee 50
Carol W Belva 61
Gregory Stoffa 23
Adam Laats 47
Andrew Schaefer 34
2015 BUMS  
    Christopher R Bishop 43
Geoff Wells 33
Francois J Caudrillier 53
Nathan R Andrews 40
Laura J Bishop 43
Rebecca L Smith 38
David F Werner 37
2014 BUMS  
    Lucile R Kovalovsky 19
Marley J McFadden 20
Devon M McFadden 18
Bridget J Quinn 27
2013 NIAG  
    Gerry Gould 53
Kay B Simonson 52
Meega M Wells 48
Robert A Webber 57
2012 BUMS  
    Alexander J Newell 27
David F Werner 33
Matthew K Paushter 32
Stephen R Michaels 34
2011 NIAG Niagara District Masters 
    Bernard F Russell 47
Bruce Gianniny 60
Dana C Gianniny 41
Kay B Simonson 50
Lynn M Festa 45
2002 NIAG  
    Holly L Evans 52
Denise M Everitt 50
Jane Y Gram 56
Wendy E Ryan 45