2003 USMS National Elections

Officers Re-elected

The current Executive Committee officers ran unopposed and were returned to office for another 2-year term. Re-elected were Jim Miller, President; Scott Rabalais, Vice President; Sally Dillon, Secretary; and Doug Church, Treasurer.


Jim Miller


Scott Rabalais
Vice President


Sally Dillon


Doug Church

Election Process

The Executive Committee of United States Masters Swimming consists of five elected officers (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Zone Chair), the immediate Past President, and the Legal Counsel. Full details on the selection of officers and their duties can be found in the USMS Rule Book, Article 505: Officers. Each elected officer holds office for 2 years and may be elected to a second consecutive 2-year term. No officer may concurrently hold more than one office. The Zone Committee acts as the Election Committee under the authority of Article 505.2.3.

At the 2003 USMS National Convention in San Diego, CA, the House of Delegates will elect a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. The current officers are eligible for a second term and will be automatically nominated as of January 1, 2003. All current officers have declared that they will run for re-election. Zone Chair Lynn Hazlewood, zones@usms.org, will serve as Election Committee Chair for this election.

This Election Web Site is intended to keep convention delegates and candidates informed of the progress and procedures for the election and contains the following:

  1. Election Operating Guidelines - The Guidelines govern the election process.
  2. Schedule - The schedule of election activities will be kept updated as the election proceeds.
  3. Nomination Packet - Prospective candidates should proceed to download the nomination packet and follow the instructions to get nominated.
  4. Candidate Information - Click on candidates' pictures or names to read candidate questionnaires.
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