1998 USMS Short Course Nationals

Team Divisions

Large Teams
Greater Ohio Swim Team (GOST)Greater Ohio Swim Team (GOST)Greater Ohio Swim Team (GOST)
Greater Indiana Masters (GRIN)Illinois Masters (IM)Illinois Masters (IM)
Michigan Masters (MICH)Greater Indiana Masters (GRIN)Greater Indiana Masters (GRIN)
Illinois Masters (IM)Michigan Masters (MICH)Michigan Masters (MICH)

Medium Teams
St. Pete Masters (SPM)Iowa Masters (IAMA)Greater Ohio Swim Team (GOST)
Empire State Masters (EMP)Utah Masters (UT)Virginia Masters Swim Team (VMST)
Lakeside (LAKE)Empire State Masters (EMP)New England Masters (NEM)
Cresent Hills Masters (CHMS)Crescent Hills Masters (CHMS)Walnut Creek Masters (WCM)
Niagara (NIAG)Niagara (NIAG)Greater Columbus Masters (GCMT)
St. Louis Masters (SLAM)St. Louis Masters (SLAM)Niagara (NIAG)
The Olympic Club (TOC)The Olympic Club (TOC)Lakeside (LAKE)
Arizona Masters (ARIZ)Arizona Masters (ARIZ)Empire State Masters (EMP)
Greater Columbus Masters (GCMT)Greater Columbus Masters (GCMT)St. Pete Masters (SPM)
Walnut Creek Masters (WCM)Walnut Creek Masters (WCM)DC Masters (DCM)
New England Masters (NEM)New England Masters (NEM)Pacific Northwest Aquatics (PNA)
Virginia Masters Swim Team (VMST)Virginia Masters Swim Team (VMST) 
Rocky Mountain Masters (RMM)Rocky Mountain Masters (RMM) 

All other clubs will be considered SMALL for scoring in this meet

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