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DatesCourseLMSC2014 Meets
Oct 11, 2014SCYNJSussex County YMCA Adult Mini Meet
Oct 11, 2014SCYNE15th Annual George Erswell Meet
Oct 10-12, 2014SCMFL2014 Rowdy Gaines Masters Classic VI
Oct 10-12, 2014SCMPC2014 Pacific Masters Short Course Meters Championship
Oct 8-10, 2014SCMUTHuntsman World Senior Games
Oct 5, 2014SCYSOLouisiana Senior Olympic Games Dick Bower Memorial Swim Meet
Oct 5, 2014SCMSPMission Viejo Nadadores Short Course Meters Masters Swim Meet
Oct 5, 2014SCYMRLIU Post SCY Masters Meet
Oct 5, 2014SCYMI2014 Milan Masters Kick-Off
Oct 5, 2014SCMNI2014 Nazareth Masters SCM Swim Meet
Oct 4, 2014SCYPNBAMFest 2014
Oct 4, 2014SCMPCSacramento Masters 42nd Annual Sprint Short Course Meters Pentathlon
Oct 4, 2014SCMSEInaugural Short Course Meter Sewanee Masters Invitational
Sep 28, 2014SCYSISan Diego Senior Games
Sep 28, 2014SCMPCThe 11th Annual Alan Liu Memorial SCM Invitational
Sep 27-28, 2014SCYGUFirst Colony Swim Team Red White and Blue Meet
Sep 27, 2014SCMAZJamina Winston Memorial SCM Invite
Sep 26-28, 2014SCMORLaCamas Headhunter Classic/NW Zone SCM Championship
Sep 26-28, 2014SCYNM2014 LCAT Pecan Classic
Sep 26-28, 2014SCYNM2014 NM LCAT Pecan Classic
Sep 21, 2014SCYSPSay Goodbye to Summer Meet
Sep 20, 2014SCYFL2014 Marlin Masters SC Meet
Sep 20, 2014SCYPV2014 Maryland Senior Olympics Swim Meet
Sep 20, 2014SCMARArkansas Senior Olympics Swim Meet
Sep 20, 2014LCMLEThe Cleveland State University Splash Bash
Sep 14, 2014SCYNE2014 Maine Senior Games Swimming
Sep 14, 2014SCMFG1st Chance Meet
Sep 13, 2014SCYWIWis. Senior Olympics Swimming
Sep 13, 2014SCYGAGeorgia Masters SouthSide Pentathlon Swim Meet
Sep 6-7, 2014SCYNJNJ Senior Olympics
Sep 6, 2014SCYHIMaui Summer Fun Pentathlon
Sep 6, 2014SCYNC9th Annual Steve Barden Memorial Swimming Meet
Sep 4, 2014SCYKYKentucky Senior Games
Aug 31, 2014SCMMNMN Masters Short Course Meters(SCM) Meet - 1st Annual
Aug 24, 2014SCMMV2014 Dog Days of Summer
Aug 23, 2014SCMPCMAAC Summer SCM Meet
Aug 23, 2014SCYMTLake Monsters Summer Finale'
Aug 22-24, 2014SCYSCGrowler Invitational
Aug 22-24, 2014LCMSP2014 SW Zone/SPMS Regional Long Course Summer Championships
Aug 22-24, 2014LCMORGil Young Memorial/NWZone/Oregon LMSC LCM Championship Meet
Aug 15-17, 2014SCYORScott Poore Memorial Meet
Aug 13-17, 2014LCMPV2014 Marriott U.S. Masters Swimming Summer National Championship
Aug 10-15, 2014LCMLEGay Games Long Course Meet
Aug 9, 2014SCYFL2014 Dash to the Finish Summer Meet
Aug 9, 2014LCMPCEnd of Summer Splash
Aug 9, 2014SCYMNMN Senior Games - Swimming
Aug 6-10, 2014LCMSP2014 USA Swimming Phillips 66 National Championships
Aug 3-9, 2014LCM2014 FINA World Masters Championship
Aug 3, 2014LCMAZGrand Canyon State Games Swimming Championships
Aug 2-3, 2014LCMKYThe 38th Annual Lakeside Masters Summer Long Course Invitational
Aug 1, 2014SCYMT2014 MT LAKE Water Daze Pool Tune-Up
Jul 31 - Aug 3, 2014LCMWIWI USA 13 and Over LCM State Champs
Jul 29 - Aug 2, 2014LCMOK'14 Southern Zone Senior LC Championship
Jul 27, 2014LCMNJJason E. Nessel Memorial Invitational
Jul 26-27, 2014LCMFL3rd Annual Dog Days of Summer LCM Masters Meet
Jul 26-27, 2014LCMAZArizona Masters Long Course State Meet
Jul 26-27, 2014LCMFG9th Annual June Krauser Summer Splash
Jul 20, 2014LCMMIDearborn Long Course Masters Swim Meet
Jul 19-20, 2014LCMNEBay State Games
Jul 19, 2014LCMOZEd & Ruth Shea Challenge Classic
Jul 19, 2014LCMCODenver Masters LCM Invitational
Jul 19, 2014LCMMVJCC Strong LCM
Jul 18-20, 2014LCMNTSouth Central Zones LCM Championships
Jul 18-19, 2014LCMUTBeehive Finale
Jul 14, 2014LCMKYKy Masters Long Course Mini Meet
Jul 13, 2014LCMMIEastern Michigan University Warmest Masters LCM Swim Meet
Jul 12-13, 2014LCMFLSt. Pete Masters Long Course Swimming Championships
Jul 12-13, 2014LCMND50 Meter Stroke Challenge
Jul 12-13, 2014LCMAZ2014 Swim Devil Masters Heat-Stroker
Jul 12, 2014LCMSE2014 Panama City Beach Masters July Splash
Jul 12, 2014LCMNI3rd Ithaca Masters Long Course Swim Meet
Jul 12, 2014LCMNB2014 Cornhusker State Games
Jul 12, 2014LCMOKOklahoma Memorial State Championship Meet
Jul 12, 2014LCMSPReg Richardson Memorial LCM Meet
Jul 12, 2014LCMPCClovis Masters Summer Meet
Jul 12, 2014LCMMNLong Course Meet @ Bloomington
Jul 11-13, 2014LCMOR48th Annual Pendleton Invitational
Jul 11-13, 2014LCMARMary Grace Tucker Memorial 2014
Jul 11-13, 2014LCMMTLast Chance Meet
Jul 11-13, 2014LCMGA2014 GA 12th Annual End of the Season Meet
Jul 11-13, 2014LCMIW2014 Alcoa Starlight Invitational (USAS)
Jul 10-13, 2014LCMCT2014 Connecticut LC Senior Championship
Jul 6, 2014LCMSP5th Annual PATRICK MOORE MEMORIAL Relay Meet
Jul 5, 2014LCMOKJenks Stars and Stripes
Jul 4-6, 2014LCMSPSan Luis Obispo Firecracker Swim Meet
Jul 3-6, 2014LCMAZArizona Swimming 2014 Long Course State Championship
Jun 29, 2014LCMCT14th Annual Wilton Wahoo Masters Summer Sizzler
Jun 29, 2014SCMSICarlsbad Swim Masters 2014 Short Course Meters Meet
Jun 28-29, 2014LCMNCPowerade State Games of NC
Jun 28, 2014SCYFLFlorida Area 6 Championships
Jun 27-29, 2014LCMPC2014 Pacific Masters Long Course Championships
Jun 27-29, 2014LCMSOShockwave Masters Aquatics Long Course Meters Championship
Jun 27-29, 2014LCMVATXLA Texas Open (USA-S)
Jun 27-29, 2014LCMOR2014 TEAM Summer Open
Jun 27-29, 2014LCMWIWI USA Western Great Lakes Open
Jun 27-29, 2014LCMDVNLAC SwimFest 2014 - USA Swimming meet
Jun 26-29, 2014LCMMTMT MAC Firecracker Classic
Jun 26-29, 2014LCMSPTYR Fran Crippen Memorial Swim Meet of Champions
Jun 22, 2014LCMSP2014 California Senior Games Championships
Jun 22, 2014LCMNESummer Meet at Jenny Thomson LCM Pool

Showing meets #201 - 300 of 3,789
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