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DatesCourseLMSC2017 Meets
Jul 29-30, 2017LCMSOSouthern Masters Swimming Championships Long Course Meters--July 29-30, 2017
Jul 29-30, 2017LCMKYThe 41st Annual Lakeside Masters Summer Long Course Invitational
Jul 28-30, 2017LCMGA2017 Georgia Swimming Senior State Championships
Jul 28, 2017LCMMI13/14 and Open State Championship
Jul 27-30, 2017LCMAZArizona Senior Long Course Championship
Jul 27-30, 2017LCMNB2017MW Midwestern Long Course Championship
Jul 27-30, 2017LCMST2017 ST Senior Circuit Championships
Jul 26-30, 2017LCMMNMinnesota Long Course State Championship
Jul 23, 2017LCMMIDearborn Long Course Masters Swim Meet
Jul 23, 2017LCMMDMaryland Masters Summer Splash
Jul 23, 2017SCYPNWashington State Senior Games
Jul 22-23, 2017LCMAZ2017 Arizona LC State Championship
Jul 22, 2017LCMND2017 Walleye Invite
Jul 21-23, 2017LCMGU2017 South Central LC Zone Championships
Jul 21-23, 2017LCMCO2017 CO CSI Senior LC State Championships
Jul 20-23, 2017LCMVAVirginia LSC Senior Championships (USA-S)
Jul 19-22, 2017LCMMVUSA swimming region VIII champs
Jul 16, 2017SCYMVSunflower State Games
Jul 16, 2017LCMNESummer Meet at Jenny Thompson LCM Pool
Jul 15, 2017LCMOZEd and Ruth Shea Challenge Classic
Jul 15, 2017LCMMVMake a Ripple 4
Jul 15, 2017LCMPCSCSC Summer SuperLeague
Jul 14-16, 2017LCMSI2017 USA Masters Games - Swimming
Jul 14-16, 2017LCMMTBig Sky State Games
Jul 14-16, 2017LCMPCPacific Masters LCM Championships hosted by Quicksilver
Jul 14-16, 2017LCMMVBZRK 4-States Splash
Jul 13-16, 2017LCMNT2017 NT MAC Level 2 Championships
Jul 12-14, 2017LCM20th Maccabiah Games for Masters
Jul 12-14, 2017LCMFG20th Maccabiah Games for Masters
Jul 9, 2017LCMSISan Diego - Imperial Masters Swimming 2017 Long Course Championships
Jul 9, 2017LCMILSixth Penguins River Trails 1500
Jul 9, 2017LCMIN5th Annual Munster Masters Summer Splash
Jul 9, 2017LCMPVDCRP 35th Annual Long Course Meet
Jul 9, 2017LCMKYKentucky Masters Long Course Mini Meet
Jul 9, 2017LCMND2017 RRV Long Course Distance Meet
Jul 8-9, 2017LCMSRBoise Y LCM Invitational
Jul 8, 2017LCMFL2017 St Pete Masters Long Course Swimming Championships
Jul 8, 2017LCMNEBay State Games
Jul 7-9, 2017LCMMTHLST Last Chance Invitational
Jul 7-9, 2017LCMAR2017 Mary Grace Tucker Memorial
Jul 7-9, 2017LCMGA2017 Kevin Bacon Invite
Jul 7-9, 2017SCMORRace Jay Rowen Open
Jul 7-9, 2017LCMWI2017 USA-Western Great Lakes Open
Jul 7-8, 2017LCMSPRose Bowl Intra Squad
Jul 7, 2017LCMNC2017 SAC Last Chance Meet
Jul 6-9, 2017LCMNM2017 Arena Grand Challenge
Jul 6-9, 2017LCMSTSouth Texas Sectionals
Jul 6-8, 2017LCMPN98th Annual Senior Seattle Open
Jul 1, 2017LCMCO2017 Denver Masters LCM Invitational
Jul 1, 2017LCMSTASC July Masters Meet
Jun 30 - Jul 2, 2017LCMSPSLO Firecracker Long Course Meet and Pool Open Water
Jun 30 - Jul 2, 2017LCMOR2017 OR Team Summer Open
Jun 30 - Jul 1, 2017LCMSPReg Richardson Memorial LCM Meet
Jun 28, 2017LCMWI2017 USA Phillips 66 Natl Champs and World Champ Trials TT
Jun 27 - Jul 1, 2017LCMWI2017 USA Phillips 66 National Championshiips and World Championship Trials
Jun 27 - Jul 1, 2017LCMMI2017 USA Phillips 66 National Championships and World Championship Trials
Jun 27-28, 2017SCYSETN Senior Olympics State Finals
Jun 25, 2017LCMGUSummer Sizzler 2017
Jun 25, 2017SCYIAIowa Senior Games
Jun 25, 2017LCMPV2017 PV LC Open 2 (USA- Masters Only)
Jun 24-25, 2017LCMNMNick Nogar Memorial Open
Jun 24, 2017LCMLEO*H*I*O Masters 2017 LCM Swim Meet - CSU
Jun 24, 2017SCYNEFirst Annual Gary Isherwood Memorial Masters Swim Meet
Jun 24, 2017LCMSPLong Course in Vegas Baby! Long Course Meters Swim Meet
Jun 24, 2017LCMMNMinnesota Masters Long Course Meters State
Jun 24, 2017LCMSENAC Masters Last Chance Backstroke Event
Jun 23-25, 2017LCMIN2017 IN THT Summer Steam
Jun 23-25, 2017LCMUTSwim Utah Dino Meet
Jun 23-25, 2017LCMGA4th Annual Tommy Jackson Diversity Invite
Jun 23-25, 2017LCMOKJTSC Stars & Stripes
Jun 23-25, 2017LCMSTGeorge Block Invitational
Jun 23-24, 2017LCMFLSummer Area 6 Championships (USA MEET)
Jun 23, 2017LCMNI2017 Friday Night at the Races #4
Jun 18, 2017LCMDVUpper Main Line YMCA Long Course Masters Meet
Jun 18, 2017LCMMI2017 OLY Swimming Summer Classic
Jun 17-18, 2017LCMFG12th Annual June Krauser Summer Splash
Jun 17, 2017LCMMIJohn Munley Long Course Memorial Swim Meet
Jun 17, 2017SCYOROregon Senior Games
Jun 17, 2017LCMWI2017 Wisconsin State LCM Champs at Schroeder
Jun 17, 2017LCMVATIDE 1st Annual Masters Meet
Jun 17, 2017LCMSE2017 NAC Masters Summer Solstice
Jun 17, 2017LCMOH2017 Miami Redfin Long Course Meet
Jun 17, 2017LCMGA2017 Woller ABSC Long Course Meet
Jun 17, 2017SCYNIEmpire State Senior Games Swim Meet 70+
Jun 16-18, 2017LCMIW2017 IE SAS Summer Solstice Swim Meet
Jun 16-18, 2017LCMARNWAA Neutrogena Memorial Classic
Jun 16-18, 2017LCMGA2017 Sizzlin Summer Invite
Jun 16, 2017SCYNIEmpire State Senior Games Swim Meet 69&U
Jun 15-18, 2017LCMNT9th Annual Bill Nixon Memorial & 50 Free Shootout
Jun 11, 2017SCYMRAGUA Masters Battery Park City Sprint Pentathlon
Jun 11, 2017LCMSPUCLA Bruin Masters LCM Swim Meet 2017
Jun 11, 2017LCMAZ2017 Mesa Aquatics Masters LCM Invite
Jun 11, 2017SCYWI2017 Wis Badger State Games USA Swim Meet
Jun 10-11, 2017LCMFL2017 Bumpy Jones Classic
Jun 10-11, 2017LCMND2017 Bill Sider's Invitational
Jun 10, 2017LCMNTTexas Ford Aquatics Masters Challenge
Jun 10, 2017SCYSE2017 Alabama State Games
Jun 9-12, 2017LCMAZ2017 Phoenix Summer Invitational

Showing meets #201 - 300 of 5,257
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