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DatesCourseLMSC2014 Meets
Jun 22, 2014LCMNESummer Meet at Jenny Thomson LCM Pool
Jun 22, 2014LCMGU2014 Summer Sizzler
Jun 22, 2014LCMIN2nd Annual Munster Masters Summer Splash
Jun 22, 2014SCYWIWisconsin Badger State Games SCY (not measured)
Jun 21-22, 2014LCMSE2014 Knoxville Summer Invitational l LCM
Jun 21-22, 2014LCMSCSHUT UP & SWIM Roy Dessloch Invitational
Jun 21-22, 2014LCMIN2014 SCSC Strawberry Splash
Jun 21, 2014SCYIA2014 Live Uncommon Games
Jun 21, 2014LCMVASubway Commonwealth Games Long Course Swimming
Jun 21, 2014SCYSEAlabama State Games
Jun 21, 2014SCYOROregon Senior Games
Jun 21, 2014LCMWI2014 Wisconsin State LCM Champs at Schroeder
Jun 21, 2014LCMNI2014 Cortland Swimming and Diving LCM Swim Meet
Jun 21, 2014LCMMIJohn Munley Memorial Swim Meet
Jun 21, 2014LCMAZFast Times in the Cool Pines
Jun 21, 2014LCMOH2014 Miami Redfin Long Course Meet and Ohio Long Course State Championships
Jun 21, 2014LCMND2014 Walleye Invite
Jun 21, 2014LCMPV32nd DCRP Summer Swim Meet
Jun 20-22, 2014LCMNMSanta Fe Aquatic Club Long Course Open
Jun 20-22, 2014LCMGA2014 GA Edwin C. Cuttino Memorial Meet
Jun 20-21, 2014SCYMTSenior Olympic Summer Games
Jun 19-22, 2014LCMNIFLA International Invitational
Jun 14, 2014SCYIAIowa Senior Games Swim Meet
Jun 14, 2014LCMSP2014 Las Vegas Long Course Meters Meet
Jun 13-15, 2014LCMFL2014 Bumpy Jones International Classic
Jun 13-15, 2014LCMORM.O.S.T. Mike Morris Invitational
Jun 12-14, 2014LCMUTUtah Summer Games
Jun 12-14, 2014LCMCO2014 CO Grand Junction Invite
Jun 7-8, 2014SCYCO2014 Rocky Mountain Senior Games Swim Meet
Jun 7-8, 2014LCMSE2014 NAC Masters Spring Chicken Classic
Jun 7, 2014LCMGAClassic City Masters LCM Meet / Georgia Masters LCM State Championships
Jun 7, 2014LCMNC2014 ENC Long Course Splash
Jun 7, 2014LCMCOSWM Masters LC Invite
Jun 6-8, 2014LCMOKBartlesville Stars of Summer
Jun 6-7, 2014SCYNI2014 Empire State Senior Games SCY Meet
Jun 5-8, 2014LCMAZSouthwest Classic Invitational Senior/Age Group
Jun 1, 2014LCMSPMission Viejo Nadadores Long Course Meet
Jun 1, 2014SCMMDSummer Swim Series #1
May 31, 2014SCYPCSonoma Wine Country Games
May 31, 2014LCMORTualatin Hills
May 31, 2014SCYFGHammerhead last chance sprint meet
May 30 - Jun 2, 2014LCMCT2014 Wilton Y Wahoos Summer Invitational
May 30 - Jun 1, 2014LCMWIWI USA PX3 Welcome to Summer
May 30 - Jun 1, 2014LCMIW2014 Apple Capital Invitational (USAS)
May 18, 2014LCMFL2014 Marlin Masters LC Meet
May 18, 2014SCYCT2014 Connecticut Masters' Swim Meet
May 18, 2014LCMMNMN Masters Long Course Meet 2014
May 18, 2014SCYPC2014 Bay Area Senior Games
May 18, 2014LCMSPCity of Santa Clarita Long Course Meters Meet 2014
May 18, 2014LCMNDMN Masters Long Course Meet 2014
May 17-18, 2014LCMIW2014 Fazzari's Neptune Open
May 17, 2014SCYNEDan Horton Invitational Masters Meet
May 16-19, 2014SCMMI2014 Canadian Masters National Championships
May 16-18, 2014LCMSRSpring Fling Invitational
May 16-18, 2014LCMORComfort Suites CAT LC Open
May 16-18, 2014LCMOKJenks Aloha Swim Meet 2014
May 16-18, 2014LCMMTBozeman May Classic
May 16-17, 2014LCMWIWI USA Schroeder Sprint-Distance
May 10, 2014SCMIASWIA Masters Spring SCM Meet 2014
May 9-11, 2014LCMCT2014 Wilton Y Wahoos Summer Qualifier
May 4, 2014SCYNEUVAC Spring in Vermont SCY Mini Meet
May 2-4, 2014LCMNM2014 NM LCAT Suntan Classic
May 2-4, 2014LCMGA2014 GA IM Extreme
May 1-4, 2014SCYPC2014 Nationwide U.S. Masters Swimming Spring National Championship
May 1-4, 2014SCYNDU.S. Masters Spring National Championship
Apr 27, 2014SCYMRNYC Parks Masters Swim Meet and 30th Anniversary Commissioner’s Trophy Relay
Apr 27, 2014SCMLE2014 Medina Masters Sprint Spectacular
Apr 26-27, 2014LCMUTWFFM Big Fish Splash
Apr 26, 2014SCMNE2014 Worcester Area Masters Invitational
Apr 26, 2014SCYNEMonumental Masters Mini Meet
Apr 26, 2014SCYAR10th Annual Hall of Fame Meet
Apr 26, 2014SCYST2014 Lakeway Masters Spring Races
Apr 26, 2014SCYSO4th Annual Stephen Billeaud Memorial
Apr 26, 2014SCYNBOmaha Masters Spring (Finally) Swim Meet
Apr 26, 2014SCYNEEllsworth Black Fly Masters Swim Meet
Apr 24-26, 2014LCMAZ2014 Arena Grand Prix at Mesa
Apr 13, 2014SCYNEFirst Annual Spring Fling Swim Meet
Apr 12-13, 2014SCYPN2014 PNA Championship & Northwest Zone Championship Meet
Apr 12-13, 2014SCYSPSPMS Short Course Championships
Apr 12-13, 2014SCYOZ2014 Ozark LMSC Championship
Apr 12-13, 2014SCYMNMN Masters State Championship Meet
Apr 12-13, 2014SCYNDMN Masters State Champinships
Apr 12, 2014SCYAD4th Annual DACC Masters Swim Meet
Apr 12, 2014SCYSE1st Annual Chattanooga River Rats Swim Meet
Apr 12, 2014SCYUTUtah Masters Short-Course Championships Swim Meet
Apr 12, 2014SCYNE1st Annual EDGE Masters Spring Fling
Apr 11-13, 2014LCMSEJimi Flowers Spring Splash
Apr 10-13, 2014SCYFLYMCA Masters Nationals
Apr 6, 2014SCYNE2014 Lighthouse Masters Meet
Apr 6, 2014SCYSPSouthwest Aquatic Masters Spring Meet
Apr 5-6, 2014SCYFLSt. Pete Masters 44th Annual SCY Championship Meet
Apr 5-6, 2014SCYIWInland Northwest SCY Championship
Apr 5-6, 2014SCYSTTexas State Senior Games
Apr 5, 2014SCYWIWisconsin at Baraboo Jack Young Middle School
Apr 5, 2014SCYOKApril Pools
Apr 5, 2014SCYSDSD Masters State Swim Meet
Apr 4-6, 2014SCYPVColonies Zone SCY Championship
Apr 4-6, 2014SCYWIILMSA 2014 SCY State Championships
Apr 4-6, 2014SCYOROregon Masters Swimming Short Course Yards Championship Meet

Showing meets #101 - 200 of 3,583
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