2014 Marriott USMS Summer National Championship

Logo2014 Marriott USMS Summer National Championship

College Park, Maryland

August 13-17, 2014

Summer Nationals will be held at the University of Maryland in College Park this year. The meet will be run with a 5-day format.

Meet Information

The complete meet information is available here and was also included in the May/June issue of SWIMMER magazine (PDF version).

Meet Roster and Psych Sheets

The psych sheets and meet rosters are now available.

There are approximately 1025 swimmers entered in this event. Because of the five-day format, our days are expected to end by dinner time except for Saturday. Because the only issue is Saturday, we will NOT drop the sixth event and will instead seed the 400 freestyle by time with the men and women swimming separate. The 800 and 1500 freestyle events will be deck seeded by time (men and women combined). The 400 IM will be deck seeded by time (men and women separate). All 200s will be deck seeded by age group (men and women separate). All 50s and 100s will be preseeded by age group (men and women separate). THEREFORE ALL EVENTS 200 AND LONGER WILL REQUIRE POSITIVE CHECK-IN. Heat sheets for preseeded events, as well as the estimated timeline, are expected to be posted on the USMS website on or about August 1.

Empty lanes can dampen competitive conditions and we'd like to avoid that when possible. Although we cannot offer any refunds, if you are absolutely certain you will not be swimming certain events, please let us know and you'll be removed from those events to cut down on empty lanes and provide for more competitive heats (and get us to dinner sooner!). If your travel plans prohibit you from swimming certain events please be considerate and let us know before we seed the meet. Please note that once we take you out of an event, we cannot put you back in. Scratches will be accepted until July 25.

Please email scratches or entry errors to championship@usms.org.

Nationals Update Emails to Participants

A series of pre and post-event updates are sent out to all registered participants in the championship. Archives of these updates are available below:

Update #1 - 7/14/2014

Officials Wanted

Qualified officials who would like to officiate at the meet can download and return the application to officiate. The application deadline for Assigned Officials is July 18, and July 25 for all other officials.


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