USMS National Records

Records for Bob K Miller
Age GroupEventNameDateTime
M40-44200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-19-732:23.10
200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 06-30-722:30.10
M45-49200 Free (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-752:00.56
500 Free (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-755:29.38
100 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-751:04.18
100 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-19-741:04.68
200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-752:20.69
200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-742:21.05
100 IM (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-19-741:03.77
200 IM (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-752:20.76
200 IM (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-742:21.94
M50-54500 Free (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-18-805:49.76
M70-74200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-16-992:37.63
200 IM (SCY)Bob K Miller 05-16-992:43.52
M80-84200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 04-29-113:03.89
200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 01-29-113:05.11
M85-89200 Back (SCY)Bob K Miller 01-25-153:23.96

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Please submit all record documentation along with a completed Record Submission Form for all swims that are faster than the current records as of the date of the swim.

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