USMS National Records

Records for Jeff T Erwin
Age GroupEventNameDateTime
M25-29800 Free (LCM)Jeff T Erwin 08-23-928:36.83
M30-341000 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-21-959:34.15
1650 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-12-9615:51.57
1650 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-21-9515:56.58
M40-441000 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-20-079:37.46
1000 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-22-059:39.98
1650 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-10-0916:01.00
1650 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-14-0616:05.13
1650 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-22-0516:10.93
800 Free (LCM)Jeff T Erwin 07-27-058:41.65
1500 Free (LCM)Jeff T Erwin 08-14-0816:39.60
M45-491650 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 05-20-1016:08.05
800 Free (LCM)Jeff T Erwin 08-09-108:51.98
800 Free (LCM)Jeff T Erwin 08-10-098:53.94
1500 Free (LCM)Jeff T Erwin 08-10-0916:38.81
M50-541650 Free (SCY)Jeff T Erwin 04-23-1516:28.77

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Please submit all record documentation along with a completed Record Submission Form for all swims that are faster than the current records as of the date of the swim.

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