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USMS Relay All-Americans

Relay All-Americans for the South Carolina LMSC For Pool

Following is the list of USMS Relay All-Americans for the South Carolina LMSC. These swimmers participated in at least one relay event/age group that posted the fastest time in one of the three courses. All of these swimmers are eligible to receive a USMS Relay All-American patch and certificate if they wish. To request your patch and certificate, send in the request form along with a fee of $5.00 per swimmer requesting the patch and certificate.

Year Team Name Age
2016 PALM  
    Mark Rutledge 49
Steve Savage 48
Joey Kanner 45
Joe Rainero 49
Jessica Ballard 28
Kari Yocum 39
Erin C Moro 38
Jamie W Wilson 50
2015 GS  
    Kiah A Bellows 25
Rachel A Smith 23
Kenzie Alexander 23
Stephanie Nagele 25
Molly Willingham 23
Wesley Sawyer 38
Scott M Tanner 31
Neal Robinson 26
2015 PALM  
    Dana B Brown 68
Cathy L Hallman-Kenner 50
Jennifer R Cranny 47
Erin C Moro 37
Kari Yocum 38
Stacey L Bruce 41
Jamie W Wilson 49
2014 GS  
    Kiah A Bellows 24
Taylor E McAlister 19
Cassandra J Oliver 26
Jeffrey Lim 24
2014 PALM  
    Kari Yocum 37
Anna Holland 33
Erin C Moro 36
Jamie W Wilson 48
2014 WAMT  
    Jay Crout 30
Rivers Hiller 19
Gene A Magliaro 24
Harry M Williamson 25
2010 CAT  
    Caitlin C Seed 22
Sarah Cefalu 24
Sarah Porri 23
Lauren K Sindall 22
Lance A Asti 30
Brett Mac Lennan 25
Bryce Herrington 25
Andrew J Scheerhorn 28
Joel P Johnson 25
1996 PIMM  
    F. CALDERON 23
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